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We are the team that helped discover and bring to market Salesforce, Fitbit, Dropbox, Evernote, Waze, CloudFlare, WebEx, E-Trade, Yammer, BillGuard, Swype,, Betterment, Trello, Fusion.io,, SeatGeek, LearnVest, NetObjects, Jawbone, IronPort, and Yext.

About Erick Schonfeld & Neal Silverman


Erick Schonfeld

My professional career has largely been centered on scouring the U.S. tech scene looking for new products to introduce to the world and on coaching numerous businesses working on all manner of IoT and other technologies. I am currently a Founding Partner of Traction Technology Partners, which organizes Emerging Technology Councils such as this one and provides Innovation Discovery services to corporate clients. I am also a cofounder and Head of Content at TouchCast, the world’s leading interactive video platform, and a partner at bMuse, a product studio based in New York City. Previously, I was Executive Producer of DEMO, where I sought out the most amazing products and startups to launch at DEMO events. I also followed many tech success stories—as well as big failures—while I was the Editor in Chief of TechCrunch. I joined TechCrunch in 2007 as Co-Editor, and over the next five years, TechCrunch grew to become the leading tech blog in the world. Prior to TechCrunch, I was an editor-at-large at Business 2.0 magazine, as well as a writer at Fortune for seven years. I regularly speak and connect with IoT professionals at conferences, moderate panels, and appear on TV as a commentator (CNN, CNBC, Fox, NY1). I look forward to connecting with you, too.

Neal Silverman

I have worked throughout my career to analyze emerging technologies and the technology needs of larger enterprises. I am currently a Founding Partner of Traction Technology Partners, which brings 25 years of analyzing technology trends and a deep global network of the world’s top startup founders, venture capitalists, incubators, and engineers to bear on solving our clients’ hardest problems. I also developed and led, for 15 years, the successful DEMO business unit of IDG, the world-renowned launching pad for emerging technology, and managed the expansion of the brand into China, Singapore, Africa, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, and Brazil. Prior to DEMO, I held executive management positions at Fast Company magazine, U.S. News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal, and CMGI. My greatest interest is expanding new technologies to all global markets, and I often speak about this passion at events around the globe. I look forward to tapping my global network of technology executives and founders to help build the new IoT Global Council and meet the members who will help shape this new IoT industry.


About IoT Council

The IoT Global Council is a membership organization for the emerging leaders of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Our mission is to help members learn about the rapidly-evolving world of IoT, discover emerging IoT technologies, and connect with industry peers. We support our members in the digital transformation of their organizations by connecting them with innovative people, products, and ideas. If you help set strategy for IoT in your organization, Council membership may be for you.

The IoT Global Council is a peer-to-peer network whose members help each other to create new business opportunities, solve problems, share critical information and connections, and collaborate on ideas

that deliver tangible value to their organizations. We bring together the key decision makers and companies in the IoT industry.

Our program offers frontline insights and personal support to our members every day and enables them to translate industry knowledge into real projects quickly. We inform and empower our members to keep on top of all the changes in this rapidly evolving field and educate them on the emerging IoT technologies that are driving the evolution of the enterprise.

As a member, you will gain exposure to the leading IoT companies gaining traction in the market and meet early-stage IoT companies poised to define it. You will also learn from your peers and from case studies of IoT implementations in the enterprise.

The IoT Global Council is brought to you by Traction Technology Partners’ Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman in collaboration with Wearable IoT World.

About Wearable IoT World

Wearable IoT World pioneered the world’s first startup accelerator focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, and emerging technologies. Serving the IoT and wearables community with advisory services, publishing services, and conference organization, our goal is to become the industry leader and driving force in IoT innovation for brands, businesses, government agencies, and bright minds. Our business model uniquely blends the best of venture incubation, entrepreneurial mentorship, corporate strategic partnerships, and media into one thriving community.

About Traction Technology Partners

Traction Technology Partners (TTP) creates and operates Emerging Technology Councils and custom Innovation Discovery Programs on behalf of corporate clients. TTP’s mission is to fuel growth for the enterprise by connecting key technology decision makers to next-generation startups gaining traction in the marketplace. We have an unparalleled track record of analyzing technology trends and picking technology winners. Our partners are technology insiders with years of experience building and running DEMO and TechCrunch, and growing Business 2.0, Fortune, and Fast Company. We source and vet emerging technologies for our clients and provide strategic insight and access to the fastest-growing technologies across the enterprise. Coupled with our deep global network of the world’s top startup founders, venture capitalists, incubators, and engineers, we can bring to bear the right startups, products, and technologies to solve our clients’ most challenging problems.

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