The IoT Global Council is a membership organization for the new business leaders of the growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Our mission is to help members learn about the rapidly-evolving world of IoT, discover emerging IoT technologies, and connect with industry peers.

We support our members in the digital transformation of their organizations by connecting them with innovative people, products, and ideas.

Our peer-to-peer network is invaluable for spurring new business,

solving problems, and making connections.

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Keep on top of emerging IoT technologies, network with other IoT leaders,

and help set the agenda for the industry.


Get exclusive access to 8 industry thought-leader sessions, conducted online and moderated by industry luminary Erick Schonfeld. Learn from VCs, experts and founders of early-stage companies successfully addressing the market with innovative IoT solutions and strong domain experience. Peers and practitioners will share case studies of how they are implementing IoT in their businesses. Schonfeld guides each interactive virtual conference based on your questions and feedback.

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Be among the first to know what’s going on in the market. Every weekday, we will bring you key insights on the news, trends, and people you must know to stay on top of the IoT industry.

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Each month industry experts Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman will provide insights into what’s behind the top IoT stories and business events through an interactive video newscast: You’ll also receive exclusive news and updates on emerging technologies.

Council Dinners

We host invitation-only dinners throughout the country to help you create a strong professional network and connect with other Council members. We discuss and explore issues on how IoT is driving change in the business environment, as well as best practices of harnessing this technology to gain operational efficiency and create new revenue channels.

Private Group Chat

Leverage the knowledge of fellow Council members every day through our private group chat channel on Slack. Enjoy peer-to-peer sharing and real-time problem solving. Have your questions answered as they arise. Speed up your decision making. Get expert advice and assistance from your peers that will help you gain insight and avoid strategic missteps.

Company contacts and profiles

Grow your business network and knowledge database. Receive profiles of—and contact information for—every company that presents at our virtual conferences and enjoy online access to recordings of each presentation.


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Online Conference Schedule

Turning the deluge of IoT data into profits2016-06-16

This is a private set of presentations to the Council. One-hour virtual session with 3 speakers. After each video presentation, Council members can ask questions, share best practices, and interact through chat. IoT is as much about data as it is about devices. As more things become connected, they spew out more and more data. How can businesses best measure, manage, and act on this data? In this session, we will hear from a top data scientist and founders tackling the challenge of how to turn this data deluge into profits.

Industrial IoT and the new manufacturing2016-07-22

This is a private set of presentations to the Council. One-hour virtual session with 3 speakers. After each video presentation, Council members can ask questions, share best practices, and interact through chat. One of the hottest areas of investment last year was Industrial IoT, which racked up more than $1 billion in venture funding across nearly 100 deals. As the entire industrial process gets wired up, manufacturing and logistics is getting even more efficient and costly errors can be detected early or even predicted and averted.

Smart Things, Smart Data2016-09-07

As more and more things get connected, IoT will create networks of trillions of connected products and devices. How does that change the rules of competition, product life cycles, and the capabilities of individual products? In this session, we will explore how companies can thrive in the Age of Trillions, and get a sneak peak at startups starting to re-imagine how to build smart products, such as Israel-based OrCam, which is making it possible for companies to embed machine-vision AI directly in their products. Speakers: Mickey McManus, Author, Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology, Charman, MAYA Design Amit Man, VP Product, OrCam Technologies

Industrial IoT2016-10-21

Smart Buildings2016-12-09

IoT Networks2017-01-17

Connected Vehicles2017-03-03

IoT Security2017-04-21

Charter Members

yobie-benjamin@250Yobie Benjamin

Former Global CTO

Citi Group

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 01.40.47Andreas Weigend

Former Chief Science Officer

3c6ee11B. Bonin Bough

Chief Media and eCommerce Officer Mondelez

9262178Angela Yochem
CIO Rent A Center 

wzixzgbq4jrktp8ql2biRedg Snodgrass

Founder, CEO

Wearable IoT World

McManus_Mickey1Mickey McManus

Author of the Book


9262178Brady Forrest

VP, Highway 1

CEO, Ignite Talks PBC

9262178Sudha Jamthe

CEO of

IoT Disruptions


Partner, Managing Director


9262178Jenny FieldingManaging Director


9262178Kyle EllicottFounder, CLO

Wearable IoT World

9262178Peter Hirshberg

CEO & Partner

Re:imagine Group

9262178Carey Smith

Sr. Director IT Infrastructure & Operations

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota

9262178Jean Turgeon

VP & Chief Technologist


9262178Sean McCormack

Chief Technology Officer

Harley-Davidson Motor Company

9262178Rafael Laskier

Strategy & Innovation Manager


9262178René Bellack

Sr. Director Products & Innovation – Digital Assets & Internet of Things


9262178Sam Ng

Sr. Director of Engineering


9262178Sridhar Solur

SVP Products


9262178Ken Sarnstrom

IT Director of Innovation

Harley Davidson Motor Company

9262178Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee

Chief Technology Officer

Persistent Systems

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